Startup Thought #1

pexels-photoI’ve decided to start a series. I notice that usually, during new learning experiences, there’s never a better time to get the best insights but during the beginning. The initial shock building stage, as I like to call it, gives you an entire sense of impartial judgement that immediately allows you to find these insights that are unawaringly deep ingrained into the environment. You’re unbiased, and you see the issues and strengths as they are.

With that mindset in place, Startup Thoughts are my takeaways from being exposed to this world for the first time in my life. By working at a Startup for ten months at 25, I am basically a stationary fossil in this fast lane race. Yet my urge to always find a brilliant insight to play with and capture specific personas with too has led me to write little snippets and thoughts through time. This is the first one:

The Culture Is Meant To Change You From The Inside Out

I wrote this when I was going through onboarding. My findings led me to believe that the company takes you in and forms you from the inside out, as in, you came in, you learned, now go out there and use that in everything you do, not just your job role.

You’re supposed to use the values and skills learned in the job, and use these to not just become an expert at your job, but also contribute to something larger, a sense of community in the best way possible.


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